Unforgettable Kyiv

Sightseeing and walking tour

700₴ per person

2500₴ for groups

Time: 60-180min.


Unforgettable Kyiv


If New York is compared with "Big Apple" Kyiv can be compared

with a "Creamy, tasty cace". Someone says it is green, some says

it is ancient, others see it as modern and progressive. Each  of us

sees Kyiv differently, but for those who manage to touch its soul,

hidden behind ancient and modern facades it becomes unforgettable.

For those who are willing to chat with our city and to become his

best friend we offer our observing tours "Unforgettable Kyiv".

Durning our observing tours you will be able to see and to learn



  "Unforgettable Kyiv" Tour 1: Building of Kyiv's National University

  and its history, stroll along one of the oldest Kyiv's streets, see the

  building of the National Opera House, St. Sophia's and St. Michael's

  squares, St. Andrew's descent, Podil. (2-3 hours)


  "Unforgettable Kyiv" Tour 2: The Golden Gates (main entrance

  of the the city durning Kyivan Rus), stroll along the street that is real

  "symphony in stone", St. Sophia's and St. Michael's squares,

  reach Postal square by cable car, relax at Dnieper promenade.

  (2-3 hours)


  "Unforgettable Kyiv" Tour 3: The Golden Gates, St. Sophia's and

  St. Michael's squares, European Square, Independence square, The

  National Drama Theatre (2-3 hours)


  "My Unforgettable Kyiv" Tour 4: You can create your own route

  just tell us what would you like to see and we'll do our best to make

  this meeting with our city - unforgettable!


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Unforgettable Kyiv