Unforgettable Kyiv

Thematic tour

500₴ per person

2500₴ for groups

Time: 120min.

There were times once in Ukraine...


         Have you ever been in Wonderland, where everything is so common and unknown at once?

         The place, where among green gardens stand white thatched huts as if inviting you to come inside.

          Walking along cobbled street you can smell fresh bread and something tasty, you see hostess working on the yard and you hear charming melody somewhere in the shade of cherry trees... Are you still there?

           Common don't waste your time!

           Come to the National museum of folk architecture and life on Ukraine and take an interactive tour "There were times once in Ukraine".

            Together with Ukrainian peasant girl you will see the household of the past, try some of it yourself, taste some traditional cuisine, learn traditional dancing and singing. Moreover you will be able to create an angel-protector, that will protect your house and remind you that this trip was real!


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Unforgettable Kyiv